Souray – Sunset

Artist: Souray
Title: Sunset
Label: Speedsound
Release Date: 2018-05-11
Souray - Right Now (Original Mix)
Souray - Monsters (Original Mix)
Souray - Psy Power (Original Mix)
Souray - Tell You Something (Original Mix)
Souray - Classic (Original Mix)
Souray - Bring The Bass (Original Mix)
Souray - Sunset (Original Mix)
Souray - Madness (Original Mix)

Sunset, Chemical Noise – Shiva

Artist: Sunset, Chemical Noise
Title: Shiva
Label: Black Sunset Music
Release Date: 2018-05-11
Sunset, Chemical Noise - Shiva (Extended Mix)

Attila Syah, Cari, R3dub, Sunset, Steve Dekay – Dark Club, Vol. 3

Artist: Attila Syah, Cari, R3dub, Sunset, Steve Dekay
Title: Dark Club, Vol. 3
Label: Suanda Dark
Release Date: 2017-12-04
Attila Syah, Cari - Dark Side Of The Moon (Andy Elliass Extended Remix)
R3dub - Red Sun (Original Mix)
Sunset, Steve Dekay - Turbulence (Extended Mix)
Cyril Ryaz - Punk Connection (Extended Mix)
Ozzyxpm, Ellez Ria - Smyrna (Extended Mix)
F.G. Noise, Axel Walters - Target On Fire (R3dub Extended Remix)
Ahmed Helmy, Jean Clemence - 3Five 3One (Extended Mix)
R.E.L.O.A.D., ArDao - Your Own Destiny (Extended Mix)
Cyril Ryaz - Dark Side (Sunset & Steve Dekay Remix)
Myde - Another Life (Second Reason Extended Remix)
First Sight - Liar (Original Mix)
Tom Exo - Skywatch (Extended Mix)
Twin View - Bubblegun (Extended Mix)
Steve Dekay, R3dub - Hade (Extended Mix)
Rusty Spica - Awakening (Original Mix)